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Duxmore Pedigree Sheep

The Duxmore Jacob Flock  was founded in 2010, with the assistance of a very knowlegeable relative, Janet Legge.  Janet had great success with Jacob sheep, picking up many prizes at some of the top shows in the country, back in the 1980's.  I have made use of this experience as guidance in selecting my foundation stock in this breed.  My initial aim was to stick with two horned Jacobs but very soon found myself as the proud owner of a couple of four horned ewes too.

Foundation stock was purchased from the Price family in Powys and a stock ram and two ewes were added from Ian Smith in Warwick.  We are looking to add a stock ram in 2013, as we have kept back some females from the current chap, Yarningale Blue Mars.  

We have done less showing with the Jacobs as the flock was initially isolated to gain accreditation into the  Maeidi Visna (MV) Health scheme.  As very few Jacob flocks belong to the health scheme, many of the shows do not accommodate us so we will continue to focus on the Suffolks for most of the shows.

We have been pleased with the Jacobs to date and aim to continue growing this flock.

We have Rams and Ram lambs for sale.  

Duxmore Jacobs


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