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Duxmore Pedigree Sheep

Duxmore Suffolks

The Duxmore Suffolk Flock was founded in 2005, with the Purchase of our first pedigrees from the Pallance, Alljohn and Crosemanor flocks.  We have added selected ewes and chosen our stock rams carefully to ensure the flock progresses, keeping our aim of breeding quality sheep that are true to their breed.  

Our current stock rams are:

Greencross Jackpot - Purchased privately in 2007 

Lindum Naturally Active - Purchased from the National sale in 2010 

Monkton Playboy - Purchased from the National Sale in 2011 (shared with the Pallance Flock)

Stockton Sendoff - Purchased at the National Sale in 2012

Duxmore Stormer - A homebred lamb from our 2012 crop

The Suffolk is a tremendous breed, leading the rankings in the terminal sire breeds globally, being famed for its ability for fast growth as well as quality lean meat.  The Suffolk sired lambs can be fit for the butcher in as little as 12 weeks but will equally run on to 12 months without laying down excessive fat.  This makes the breed ideal for todays volatile market, allowing the commercial farmer more flexibility in when to market lambs.

We lamb most of our Suffolks in January, aiming to sell well grown ram lambs in the autumn and also to give us a bit of size when we start showing in late May.

We have Rams, Ram Lambs and a small number of ewes and ewe lambs available for sale.


Matt Legge
Brickfields Cottage
Newnham Road
Isle of Wight
PO33 3TH

Tel: 07710493534

As any shepherd knows, the demands of a breeding flock can vary through the seasons, but there is always something to do.  This is only possible due to the support I get from the wife, who takes on more than her share of the parenting duties!  As the photo proves, she has also been known to don the white coat to appear in the show ring too.

Monkton Playboy

Suffolk Pictures (Click here)